The Intelligent Nuclide Imaging Center of Topgene Biotechnology focuses on non-human primatemolecular imaging drug screening and preclinical evaluation CRO services,providing molecular imaging drug research and development outsourcing, drugradiolabeling synthesis, new PET imaging agent research, and tumour therapy targeted therapy technology services. 


Animal model imaging acquisition

b. MicroSPECT

Radiopharmaceutical and drug preclinical and clinical imaging research services

c.PET tracers for non-human primates.(1)Macromolecule:124I,89Zr,64Cu  (2)Small molecule: 68Ga,11C,18F
d.Chemical labeling: labeling any drug or tracer with organic and radiochemicalmeans.

Establishing a world-class image data analysis platform

Weand our partners are able to provide analysis of imaging data collection inreal time, and simplify workflows with specific application tools. Key featuresinclude: suitable for the studies of brain mapping for rodents and non-humanprimates, and receptor occupancy studies. (Receptor occupancy studies

PET clinical research

e. Clinical Phase 0 study: It is also known as microdosing studies.
f. It is specially suitable for the nervous system CNS drug candidate,microdosing studies for the BBB penetration, and receptor binding.

Radiopharmaceutical clinical phase I service

Dr. Tian Haibin

Chief Scientist

Dr. TianHaibin, Chief Scientist and Professor,is aDoctor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, postdoctoral fellow at YaleUniversity, USA, and senior US nuclear drug and PET molecular imaging expert. Hestudied under Professor Gillies Robert, President of the World MolecularImaging Society (WMIS), and worked for UB PETRadiopharmaceutical Inc. He is anassistant professor at the Moffett Cancer Research Center ofUS and the Medical School of the University of South Florida, and the directorof the radiopharmaceutical laboratory. He is currently the founder and CEO ofthe Topgene Biotechnology Intelligent Nuclide ImagingCenter.